Join our challenge to divert island food waste thanks to a grant from 11th Hour Racing!


Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas RI

To sign up, first visit the project page and click the “Drop-off” option. Fill out the form to receive your HSHSRI Customer Number. (This number is needed to receive the subsidized rate.)

Second, pay online, or visit us at one of our farmers markets, to pay your annual membership fee. (A service charge of $3 is added to online payments.)

What can be composted?

Vegetable Scraps
Fruit Peels and Scraps
Coffee Grounds and Filters
Egg Shells
Tea Bags


Aquidneck Community Table is excited to be part of Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas RI (HSHSRI), a collaborative multi-year pilot project, spearheaded by Clean Ocean Access and funded by 11th Hour Racing, to inspire long-lasting, environmentally-responsible behavior that positively impacts both land and sea. By partnering with boots-on-the-ground businesses, The Compost Plant and Rhodeside Revival, more food waste can be collected and diverted from the landfill and instead used to make compost.

What we all “throw away” each day never really “goes away.” It may escape as litter, float into our oceans, or add to our nearly-full landfill. Through the HSHSRI project, we hope to encourage people to think critically about their waste footprints. By recycling and composting, we can instead reclaim materials as valuable resources.

Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas RI provides a variety of options for local residents and restaurants to make food scrap collection and composting easier. Whether you choose to join our farmers market drop off program, subscribe to curbside pick up with Rhodeside Revival, or learn to compost in your backyard (Yes In My Back Yard!--YIMBY for short) there are several terrific ways to join the movement.

Visit the Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas RI program webpage to discover your role in building this island-wide initiative!

Food-Scraps-to-Compost Program

Aquidneck Community Table’s Food-Scraps-to-Compost program has diverted thousands of gallons of food waste from the state landfill since 2012. Several years later and our program continues to grow. Thanks to new partnerships and funding through HSHSRI, we have been able to expand and improve our program. To keep up with the increased volume, we have contracted with our friends at The Compost Plant and Rhodeside Revival to take food scraps to Buxton Hollow Farm and Earth Care Farm to be composted.

How to Collect Food Scraps

When we take an extra few seconds to sort our waste (compostable, recyclable, reusable, etc) we are able to reduce our impact on our planet and make more sustainable decisions. Once we get into the habit of sorting our waste, it is hard to ever go back to tossing everything in the garbage.

Any sealed container will do, but please contact us if you need a 5-gallon bucket to store your food scraps in throughout the week. Be sure to check out our tips and tricks page for good food scrap bucket hygiene!

Our Compost Community

Thank you to these restaurants and businesses for being active participants in the Healthy Soils Healthy Seas program. By joining the program, these businesses are lowering their carbon footprints, reducing methane emissions from the landfill and turning food waste into nutrient-rich compost.

Aquidneck Pizza | Aquidneck Lobster Bar | Bailey Beach | Bar and Board Bistro | Belle’s Cafe’ at Newport Shipyard | Brix at Newport Vineyards | Caleb & Broad | Diego’s Barrio Cantina | Fastnet Irish Pub | Forty 1° North | Stoneacre Brasserie | Binge BBQ | Mainstay Hotel & Conference Center | Mission Newport | Mission Middletown | McGrath Clambakes & Catering | Newport Wine Cellar & Gourmet | Reclaimed Cafe | Root on Broadway | The Landing Restaurant | The Lobster Shack

And more to come!