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September 22-29, 2018

Forget Atkins and Paleo! Aquidneck Community Table will launch the island diet again this month: eight days of hyper-local eating! We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the abundance of the harvest season and the bounty of our island by participating in the third Aquidneck Food Challenge.  You can get all the details and events as they go live by registering for the Challenge in the box on your right, or by joining the ACT mailing list.  Registration gives you a ticket to our kick-off party sponsored by the Brick Alley Pub on September 19 and a host of ways to get involved with the island food fun, and community of folks who care about our food future.

Please join us for a tasty week of events….

What is it? The Challenge asks community members to eat only food grown or raised locally, either on Aquidneck Island or caught in Narragansett Bay, or in Rhode Island and its waters as a whole. Modeled after The Fife Diet, the Aquidneck Food Challenge is a “choose your own adventure” in local eating - a big challenge — but also a critical opportunity for us to learn about foods produced on and around our island, and what we need to support a thriving local food ecosystem in the future.  The idea is to "up" your local food game, so the rules are not strict - you can participate just by including one food item from the island or the bay in every meal. 

Why? We live in a broken food system. Cabbages from Portsmouth are shipped to Boston to be held in a warehouse, and then trucked back to Newport to be sold. We eat and drink foods from all over the world without even noticing. This challenge is a brief exercise in raising awareness of the globalization of food, gratitude for our island home, and an opportunity to learn and live like the native peoples who first settled here. Plus, when it's over, we bet that first sip of coffee and bite of bread will taste so good!

How? It's simple: just eat food that's grown here! We will share resources like recipes, shopping lists, and local food maps with participants. We work with island farms to make dairy products like butter and yogurt available at our Aquidneck Growers' Markets. In return, we ask that you support Aquidneck Community Table with a $20 registration fee. We encourage you to share your challenge experiences with us in the form of pre and post-challenge surveys, pictures and social media posts, and by telling us in person when we wrap up the Challenge on September 29!  And let our sponsors know that you are supporting them becasue they supported the challenge!

Register for the Aquidneck Island Food Challenge and support ACT for just $20! Participants will receive a ticket to the kick-off party, specially-designed recipes, shopping lists, and local food maps, as well as priority access to limited local food products like butter from Simmons Farm and salt from Newport Salt Company!

For any questions, concerns, comments, or ideas, please email us, or click the link below.

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